Calender production


At the moment we’re printing our recent collection for 2018 in Trento. We’re really proud to present our new horse calendars. Of course we’re also curious, if you like them!

Our calendars are our passion and we’re working with so much love in every detail – since more then 30 years! We want to show you the beauty and each special character of our horses for a year or even longer. So we have to work with much diligence and enthusiasm from the first steps ’till we’re ready for delivery.

Our calendars are made with so much love for horses and photography! Every single employee – also our trainees! – of Edition Boiselle is involved. First we have to make a decision, which photos are our favorites for a new calendar. So we have to look through thousands of pictures of Gabriele Boiselle newest photo sessions to get the most beautiful, emotional and striking shots. Especially Sandra Hoffmann, Tanja Münster and Gabriele Boiselle choose their favorite photos. Everybody has their own preferences but the most important thing is, that all pictures have a special charisma, mood and message. Of course also sharpness, colors and size have to be suitable.

We have to drink lots of coffee until this choice finally is done. Every wall is covered with pictures and all employees have to label their favorite pictures for the covers. Now we tinker on test layouts, because every detail also with the dates has to be perfect – because we want you to have fun with our calendars every month!


Now we have to proof if the chosen pictures are varied for a entire year. The pictures of course also have to fit in the seasons! In the end we are all in common: “That’s the most beautiful calendar we’ve done ever! It would be a big challenge to overcome this in the next year!”

It’s a lot of work to do for our little team. But we all have fun at work! And we want to spread our love and passion for horses.