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Project Description

Calendar Fascination 2018

The beauty and noble appearance of Arab horses, as well as their grace and elegance are unique and we all feel moved by them. For many centuries humans have been fascinated by these horses. Today there is no other breed which is so popular and widespread across the world as the pure-bred Arab – and no other horse breed has had such an impact on history. There are countless myths concerning their origin as well as their unusual abilities – many of which are also exalted in legends. They are very special beings, in their presence we feel the mutual bond and common heart of the animal and human being. They captivate us with their magic – and their big eyes are able to penetrate deep into our souls.

ISBN: 978-3-944588-70-4
format: 62 x 58 cm / 24,4 x 22,8 inch
price: 32,50 €

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