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Calendar FRISIANS 2018

Black, elegant and with magnifi cent fl owing manes as if enshrined in a very special magic. This striking appearance makes Friesians unique amongst horses. It is not only on account of their impressive appearance and their powerful, very expressive movements that they have won a place in human hearts, however. They also exude a unique charm and a very special inner beauty. The black pearls of Friesland have meanwhile conquered the entire world and enjoy great popularity, under the rider as well as in harness, and also as an affectionate leisure horse. Anyone who has ever succumbed to the magic of these jet-black beauties es will remain under the spell for ever.

ISBN: 978-3-944588-71-1
format: 62 x 58 cm     / 24,4 x 22,8 inch
price: 32,50 €

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