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Termine Seminare und Reisen Preis
26.-28. Januar 2018

26.-27. Mai 2018

09.-10. Juni 2018

23.-24. Juni 2018

04.-05. August 2018

11.-12. August 2017

06.-07. Oktober 2018

Schneefotoseminar Haflingerhof Roßhaupten

Fotoseminar Arabergestüt & Tierpark Ismer

Fotoseminar im Haupt- und Landgestüt Schwaiganger

Fotoseminar Islandpferdegestüt Der Wiesenhof

Fotoseminar im Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt/ Dosse

Fotoseminar in der Fürstlichen Hofreitschule Bückeburg (Termin noch nicht fest)

Fotoseminar im Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach (Termin noch nicht fest)

560,- Euro

380,- Euro

380,- Euro

380,- Euro

380,- Euro

380,- Euro

380,- Euro

Learn from Gabriele Boiselle

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Germany or far away – with her you get unique horses in front go your lens!

Bet set into fire with her fascination and passion for horses and feel the bond between Gabriele and those beautiful creatures you see in every single photo she took! You’re going to return back home with lots of great pictures and priceless experiences!


Located in Germany. Only in German at the moment.

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Explore the world and meet special breeds in foreign countries!

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Learn at home with Gabriele Boiselle! Only in German at the moment.

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Feedback (in German)

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Feedback, videos and more. Only in German at the moment – we’re working on it!

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Backstage infos

Backstage... Calender production   At the moment we're printing our recent collection for 2018 in Trento. We're really proud to present our new

Playing stallions

Playing stallions Strenght, power and lots of muscles - these two stallions are really special! Their breeder is  Donna Maria Fernanda Escalera de

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Gabriele talks about…

…her passion for horses.

Horsephotography means so much more than taking a quick picture!

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