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Calendars 2018

It doesn’t matter if you love Frisians, Arabians, Icelandic Horses or Haflinger Horses – Gabriele Boiselle took beautiful pictures of every breed. We are sure, you’re going to find the perfect match right here.

Calendars 2018

Gabriele Boiselle

Horses are my passion

Horsephotography, movies, calendars or books – everything in my life is about horses. It’s my mission to spread the elegance & power of these beautiful creatures into the world and show how precious they are.


Here you find all informations about our calendars, books, workshops & trips.
We’re going to give you insights into our work regularly.

Backstage infos

Backstage... Calender production   At the moment we're printing our recent collection for 2018 in Trento. We're really proud to present our new

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