Calendar insights: March Fascination – Edition Boiselle

Calendar insights: March Fascination

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Simeon Seifan of Simeon Stud …
Marion Richmond of the Simeon Stud had invited me to „drop by“ again – 27 years after my first visit. The night before, I had just arrived in Australia from Germany and had simply fallen into bed, totally exhausted after the long flight. The next morning, well rested after a good night‘s sleep, I was totally amazed and excited when I looked out through the window of my guest room: There, in the warm morning sunlight, a magnificent chestnut stallion was prancing across his field, reared up playfully, tossed his mane into the air and swung right around on the spot. It was such an incredible sight – I was now wide awake. I wanted to go out onto the extensive pastureland where more wonderful Arabian „jewels“ of this stud were grazing – all horses of Egyptian bloodlines. I subsequently found myself with the herd of brood mares, which was the most exquisite and beautiful sight I had ever seen on a field. I took some time – without my camera – to get to know the individual horses and simply wallowed in the joy of being here alone and in such perfect peace at this wonderful location. But just who was this stallion? I was extremely touched to find out that „Simeon Seifan“ (Simeon Shefran x CM Moussameh) was a great grandson of „Asfour“, whom I had photographed as a two year old at this stud, back in 1991, and who progressed to become an extremely influential sire in the USA. Yes, „Seifan“ has great similarity with his ancestor and, I believe, he is even more noble and true-to-type than Asfour was. Whenever I tried to capture his real beauty, I always had to admit to myself that in this case photography could not to justice to the original model. „Seifan“ in his natural beauty is much more impressive than any photographic representation – he is simply magnificant!


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