Calendar insights: March Friesians – Edition Boiselle

Calendar insights: March Friesians

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Friesian stallion Petrus PJ …
The salty wind sweeps across the sea and through the nane of this stallion “Petrus PJ”, seen here in the marshy meadows of Pieter Wijbengain in North Friesland. Directly adjacent is an old windmill and the little hamlets are like something straight out of a picture book
with cute little thatched cottages.

It is quite wonderful here not to constantly have to cope with fences – because these meadows are separated quite naturally by canals. Such canals serve the purpose of drainage, as well as providing a home to a considerable number of swans which come here to hatch their eggs every springtime. This is why you often see crossed end beams on farmhouse gables featuring the silhouettes of these royal birds.


Friesians of Pieter Wijbenga
Horses which have been reared in this terrain have very springy movement, because the subsoil consists of turf and is very elastic, you feel every canter stride, even under the soles of your own feet. Pieter has an incredibly good hand with Friesians, he has bred some magnificent black pearls himself, and he also discovers them in the most remote corners of Friesland. He is like a kind of magnet in this context.



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