Calendar Insights: January Fascination – Edition Boiselle

Calendar Insights: January Fascination

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Noble brood mares of Albadeia stud…
This is one of the typical photos that I always love taking in Egypt as it is so authentic and expressive, showing the sand and dust which, after months without rainfall, covers the trees and palms and is everywhere in the air. It is an environment which poses no problem at all, however, for the Arab mares of the Albadeia Stud. They are used to this dry heat and enjoy the sandy paddock which offers sand baths and free space. Open space here is not something to be taken for granted as the stud is meanwhile located in the heart of Cairo. It is truly an oasis of peace in the midst of all the noise and chaos of this ever expanding metropolis. In this photo some of the most valuable Egyptian brood mares are united – they are, so to speak, the pearls of the stud: „Issad Albadeia“, „Naasa al Shaqab“, „Tammema Albadeia“, „Bashousha Albadeia“ and „Samah Albadeia“. And I enjoy being able to photograph them in their natural beauty, completely „unstyled“. For me the stud is like a home, ever since I was first invited by the former Agricultural Minister Dr. Sayed Marei many years ago. He was fond of the young, blond woman who tried so intensely and persistently to get the most beautiful Arabian horses in front of her camera lens. At that time I got to know, and was very warmly welcomed by, the entire Marei family which was also connected to the President Anwar El-Sadat. I had an extremely cordial friendship with the family‘s eldest son, Nasr, until his death. This friendship gave me the opportunity to photograph many generations of wonderful horses at the stud.


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