Baroque Horses 2019 – Edition Boiselle

Baroque Horses - Andalucians & Lusitanos


What makes this calendar special ...

General Informations

Item number: 221
ISBN: 978-3-96412-003-8
Format: 62 x 58 cm
Price: 32,50 €

Special: Additional to this calendar you get a large photo poster with a 2019 overview calendar for free!
Poster format: 51 x 98 cm

The Canadian painter Elise Genest is dedicated to the baroque horse type. Her watercolors and oil paintings are powerful and match the fiery temperament of the horses that serve her as a motif: such as Andalusians, Lusitanos or Friesians - demonstrateting impressive movement and with beautiful long, flowing manes.

Gabriele Boiselle made the acquaintance of Elise Genest when she took part in one of her photo seminars in Florida. Her exceptional visual talent impressed her immediately. She had the ability to recognise the deep inner being of a horse quite spontaneously. During the course of the seminar she discovered that Elise was not only a very special photographer, but also an outstanding artist who paints unique pictures. From this - originally one special calendar production - has ensued a very friendly and enjoyable collaboration which we definitely intend to pursue further.

Elise is passionately and wholeheartedly involved with these breeds and her pictures convincingly reflect her love, affection and fascination for these wonderful creatures. Discover the horses from a very unusual side, full of unique beauty and transience.

Gabriele Boiselle

Elise Genest

Art & Cheveaux

„… The artist in me has always adored Iberian horses. Before I even encountered them in real life, I painted horses with impressive curves, high knee action and manes flowing freely in the wind. I very quickly realised that these magic horses embodied everything which I loved so much about horses. In other words their energy, power, strength as well as a balanced temperament, concealed behind a dramatic personality. They are the true embodiment of a work of art, magnificent in every respect! They stimulate my creative energy, even in cases when I am aware that I have only captured a small part of their exceptional beauty. …“
Elise Genest


Exclusive Photobook


This book is a homage to the Iberian horse breeds Andalucians & Lusitanos: These magnificent horses with their own special beauty and exceptional charisma have always exuded a particular charm for equestrian photographer Gabriele Boiselle. For many years now she has travelled the world, looking for special photo models and capturing them with her camera. This emotional book of photographic art ensues from her dedication and passion. It is an exquisite expression of praise for the magnificent Iberian horse.
Photobook Iberian Horses – 300 pages – text in 6 languages – 27 x 34 cm – 29,95 Euro


Photobook with different breeds


Discover the fascinating world of horses, presented in most beautiful and emotional pictures by the well-known photographer, Gabriele Boiselle. Discover a wide variety of 18 horse breeds and cultures from different countries across the world. Gabriele Boiselle manages to capture the soul and the individual character of the horses in her intense and emotional photographs and you can feel in every book page their love and professionalism that have created a unique book …
Photobook Horses – 448 pages – contains text in 8 languages – Size: 27 x 34 cm – 29,95 Euro


That's what our customers say

I'm well and truly blown away by these paintings! I would highly recommend the calendar for any horse lover, but especially for Iberian horse lovers. I will treasure this for years and years to come! I had no idea it was so large, and it's a bargain at the price! WOW!

Tina (Source:

Thats what our customers say

This is the most amazing, HUGE, beautiful horse calendar I've ever gotten. It's a keeper!

Angy (Source:

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