Fascination Arabian Horses 2019 – Edition Boiselle

The Grace & Beauty of Arabian Horses


What makes this calendar special ...

General Informations

Item Number: 111
ISBN: 978-3-96412-001-4
Size: 62 x 58 cm
Price: 32,50 €

Special: Additional to this calendar you get a large photo poster with a 2019 overview calendar for free!
Poster format: 51 x 98 cm

Exclusive Insights: This is more than just a calendar with great horse motifs, because it also offers you a look behind the scenes: On each back of the monthly calendar leave Gabriele tells you exciting stories about the studs and horses and gives you very personal insights into her life as a horse photographer.

More than 30 years ago, Gabriele Boiselle published her first calendar about Arabian Horses named "Fascination" with photographs taken in Egypt. It became a real classic and has advanced to a popular collector's item until today. Arabian Horses also play an important role in the life of Gabriele Boiselle, because she has lost her heart to these very special and unique horses.

Especially for the production of the new Fascination Calendar 2019, Gabriele Boiselle has returned to her roots as a horse photographer and visited famous studs, breeders and friends in Egypt and Australia and took pictures of their wonderful horses.

Discover the fascinating world of Arabian horses in this unique calendar and enjoy the magnificant pictures from Egypt and Australia!

Gabriele Boiselle



Story behind the picture in FEBRUARY –
In the shadow of the pyramids
“… I got to know Dani El Barbary during my first visit to Egypt in the 1980s, and even then she impressed me with her special horses. At this time, her stallion „Bilal I“ was an exquisite sire and, many generations later, his descendants also include this splendid horse called „Wally Al Ahaad“, who so proudly presented himself to us in the palm gardens of the stud. He is the epitome of the type of Arabian horse Dani intended to breed. …”


Photobook to the calendar


Anyone who is familiar with my “Fascination” calendar which I have been producing for many years, or perhaps even collects them, will probably recognise some of the motifs presented in this large-format picture book about these beautiful and noble Arab horses. Readers will find themselves spellbound, as they embark on a visual journey to the Pure-bred Arab horses of this world. …
Photobook Arabian Horses – 320 pages – text in 6 languages – size 27 x 34 cm – 29,95 Euro


The little brother


This Arabian calendar is smaller in format, but has 24 motifs – for each month, two favorite motives to choose from!
Noble and intelligent, beautiful and full of grace – this is how one may describe the unique breed of pure-bred Arabian horses, which have conquered the hearts of human beings all over the world. For centuries they have been used as a refining influence on other breeds and, with their large, dark exes, look deep into the human soul. No other horse is praised so highly in poetry and in stories as the „drinkers of the wind“, created by God out of the southerly wind, according to the Koran. On the Arabian peninsular they always lived in close contact with the Bedouins and were members of the family. Any frugal possessions which they had were shared with the horses. Their speed and stamina were the pride of their owners. The myth of the Arabian horse, however, is not only based on legends, they are truly incomparable in their nature and their charisma. Anyone who has ever owned an Arab will remember this friendship for the rest of their life and cherish the memory of it like a special jewel in their soul.
Calendar Arabian Horses 2019 – 46×39 cm – 19,50 Euro – with 24 Motifs


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