Haflinger Horses 2019 – Edition Boiselle

Calendar Haflinger Horses with 24 motifs


What makes this calendar special ...

General Informations

Item Number: 161
ISBN: 978-3-96412-010-6
Size: 46 x 39 cm
Price: 19,50 €

Special: This calendar offers you 24 beautiful horse motifs - for each month you have two motifs to choose from!

Haflinger - Mountain horses of the Alps. During the last 30 years the charming “blond” horses which originate from the mountains of South Tyrol have transformed from well-behaved work horses to elegant sport horses. Their nobility comes from their Arab ancestors; their long, light-coloured feathers reflect the cold-blood involvement in their pedigrees.

The bright chestnut colour of the coat is a typical feature of the Haflinger and it can range from quite a light colour through all shades to a dark liver chestnut. Irrespective of the shade of their coat, however, they always have a magnificent light tail and a “blond” mane. Intelligent, with great stamina, willing to work and very peopleoriented, they always seek contact with the rider, are very versatile in sport and ideal for teenagers.

Gabriele Boiselle has photographed Haflinger horses for many years and is thrilled about their charming characters and their beauty. Look forward to 24 wonderful motifs of these special horses from the alps.

Gabriele Boiselle

Photobook with different Breeds


Discover the fascinating world of horses, presented in most beautiful and emotional pictures by the well-known photographer, Gabriele Boiselle. Discover a wide variety of 18 horse breeds and cultures from different countries across the world. Gabriele Boiselle manages to capture the soul and the individual character of the horses in her intense and emotional photographs and you can feel in every book page their love and professionalism that have created a unique book …
Photobook Horses – 448 pages – contains text in 8 languages –  27 x 34 cm – 29,95 Euro


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