Show Jumping 2019 – Edition Boiselle

Calendar Show Jumping with 24 motifs


What makes this calendar special ...

General Informations

Item Number: 169
ISBN: 978-3-96412-014-4
Size: 46 x 39 cm
Price: 19,50 €

Special: This calendar offers you 24 beautiful horse sport motifs - for each month you have two motifs to choose from!

The well-known sport photographer Jacques Toffi has been out and about at all kinds of horse shows and has taken some impressive action pictures of the two-legged as well as four-legged competitors.

Speedy show jumping competitions are probably some of the most popular events in equestrian sport. The tension in the arena is incredible when horse and rider give everything they have to complete the tricky course against the clock and without a knock-down, whilst the spectators hold their breath in excitement and anticipation. The struggle for seconds and the right take-off over demanding fences require a huge amount of skill on the part of the rider as well as the horse. This highly emotional atmosphere in the arenas, the passionate efforts by horses and riders - all of this contributes to the unique fascination which, as a photographer, one hopes to capture in a fraction of a second and preserve forever.

This calendar not only documents the top athletic performance of horse and rider, but also shows emotions in a unique intensity.

Gabriele Boiselle

Large Photobook


Discover the fascinating world of horses, presented in most beautiful and emotional pictures by the well-known photographer, Gabriele Boiselle. Discover a wide variety of 18 horse breeds and cultures from different countries across the world. Gabriele Boiselle manages to capture the soul and the individual character of the horses in her intense and emotional photographs and you can feel in every book page their love and professionalism that have created a unique book …
Photobook Horses – 448 pages – contains text in 8 languages – Size: 27 x 34 cm – 29,95 Euro


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