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This is my new blog in which I would like to tell you more about the stories behind my pictures, my life as a horse photographer and I would also introduce you to special horsemodels and their people. In addition, I would also like to help you with my photo tips, to learn how to photograph horses …

Have fun reading& enjoy my blog!

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Calendar insights: March Fascination

Simeon Seifan of Simeon Stud … Marion Richmond of the Simeon Stud had invited me to „drop by“ again – 27 years after my first visit. The night before, I had just arrived in Australia from Germany and had simply […]


Calendar insights: March Friesians

Friesian stallion Petrus PJ … The salty wind sweeps across the sea and through the nane of this stallion “Petrus PJ”, seen here in the marshy meadows of Pieter Wijbengain in North Friesland. Directly adjacent is an old windmill and […]


My stallion Falkenwind

/ October 09, 2018

There is a male being in my life who has so far accompanied me for over half of it. In fact he has been with me for 33 years, has 4 legs, lots of spirit and a Trakehner brandmark! His […]


Calendar insights Friesian: February

Theo soul of the horse … What I should actually write here is PICTURE WITHOUT WORDS. I myself, as well as many others, have already written so much about horses’ eyes. I have also taken countless photos of horses’ eyes, […]


Calendar insights: February Fascination

In the shadow of the pyramids … I got to know Dani El Barbary during my first visit to Egypt in the 1980s, and even then she impressed me with her special horses. At this time, her stallion „Bilal I“ […]


Calendar Insights: January Fascination

Noble brood mares of Albadeia stud… This is one of the typical photos that I always love taking in Egypt as it is so authentic and expressive, showing the sand and dust which, after months without rainfall, covers the trees […]


Calendar insights: January Friesians

Friesian stallion ORLANDO OF MILLFORD … This young Friesian stallion named “Orlando” can consider himself very lucky to have been born in such a wonderful place and to be reared here in such beautiful surroundings: Millford Farm belongs to Tim […]


Friesian stallion Tjalf in South Africa

/ September 27, 2018

„Tjalf 443“ came from Holland to South Africa in 2009. Back home in the Netherlands he won as many championship titles – as an action trotter – as anyone could hope for. Whenever he appeared in the show ring, Friesian […]